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EQ2 is Free to Play!
Jul 27, 10 2:40 PM
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The hallowed halls of Fabled Guild of Ever Quest 2.

The quest lines have gone dark and the cobwebs have appeared, there is no more laughter or lighthearted conversations anymore just the lingering memories of quest's gone bye.

Let it be know Mercades (AKA Fox)
Was elevated to Guild Leader, kicked almost every old member of Fabled
He then placed Fabled Guild Hall T-3 for sale 5000 Plat.

Any old players drop Casuall an e-mail, be great hear from old friends.


Greetings and felicitations to friends, comrades, guild mates and prospects.  Welcome to Fabled, the largest, and one of the oldest guilds on the Oasis server for Everquest II.  If you are a member, this website is your local hub for news, information, and organization of the events and activities that are taking place within the guild.  If you are considering becoming a member, this website is your source of information; the glossy brochure that will let you know where our collective heads are at, so that you can decide if you would like to run amok amongst us.

Regardless of your status or station at this time, whether considering the guild or a new Recruit, Initiate, Junior Member, Member, Sr. Member or Officer; you are expected to have reviewed the information published here on how this guild operates.  We are currently undergoing some changes, so it would benefit all members to check the website regularly for news and information!  With 460+ unique accounts running nearly 900 toons, the officers and leaders cannot be expected to dictate to each individual member what they must know to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded to you here.  And, by the way, we won’t.  You see we’re here to play.  This is our free time, and we’re logged in to have fun also.

Fabled is level 90, and within a level 90 guild you can access things that aren’t available anywhere else.  We maintain a T3 guildhall; the largest available castle keep of our very own where guild mates gather, organize, retool, and reload for the next adventure.  Within the keep you’ll find Master Craftsman of the guild plying their trade and willing to assist you with your adventuring needs.  We hope that the keep will be a fun place to gather, loaded with the conveniences of the game that will make your adventures and travels around Norrath much more enjoyable.

The spoils and conveniences that our Members and Guild Mates enjoy they earned; and so will you if you intend to enjoy what we’ve provided.  We won’t charge you for them, but you’ll earn them just the same.  What we require for your membership isn’t your gold or platinum, but your commitment and your loyalty.  Our respect can’t be bought, but it can be earned.  We hope you’ll read on, and allow us to soon welcome you to the ranks of the adventurers, the craftsmen, our family: the Fabled.


Required Reading:

New Member Orientation
Mission Statement
Rank and Promotion Schedule
DKP System
DKP Loot Rules
Raid Organization (pending)

Links you'll need:

Rank and Promotion Sign-up
Guild Calendar
The Member Forums

The Fabled Leadership,

Casuall, Ravisher, and Wuort

EQ2 is Free to Play!
By Wuort, Jul 27, 10 2:40 PM

I caught wind of this breaking story in the server chat, EQ2 has announced an extended business model in which people can access much of the game content in a free-to-play format.  As I understand it so far, the players and content will be separate from current pay to play servers and customers... Read More

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